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Ostara, known as the spring equinox, is all about growth and new beginnings, positive life changes, new opportunities and adventures and clearing out what is no longer needed in your life.  It's a time to let go of the experiences and things you carry that no longer serve you in life, bringing you space and clarity to plant and grow the seeds of all that you want in your life.  By clearing the space we allow our seeds to burst out into the world, allow our lives to blossom and grow. There has never been a better time for this... It’s time to awaken and come back to life.

Co-founder of Ostara, and founder of Incredible You - Intuitive Birth and The Overwhelm Coach, Heather is a  Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma resolution specialist, a two times award winning Hypnobirthing teacher and Yoga teacher with a passion for overcoming overwhelm, stress and anxiety.  A mum of one wonderful son, Heather loves to hold space for her clients, helping them find balance within with her unique blend of hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP and movement.   At Ostara, you'll find her leading the Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa classes, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Relaxation and Yoga therapy classes, or working with  1-2-1  clients to find their strength and power within to get the life they want.
Co-founder of Ostara Yoga Ashley is a qualified midwife, doula, certified yoga teacher and mother to three children. Her yoga journey began 20 years ago when she attended her very first class. She continued to attend various classes on and off over the following years fitting it in around her family and busy job as a hospital midwife. In 2014 she decided to combine her love of yoga with pregnancy and trained in women’s yoga, focusing on women life stages, maiden, mother and crone. Her classes support women through all life stages from pregnancy to menopause. Providing an opportunity to stretch, relax and take time out of our busy lives. Ashley believes yoga is for everyone no matter your age, shape or ability. Her classes provide a supportive community and welcomes all who seek a feminine centred space.

Ostara Yoga and Therapy is our soul space, our place of peace and tranquillity, our place of development and growth. And we hope it becomes that place for you too.

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Classes & Therapies

A wide schedule of yoga classes to suit your experience, wants and needs - from Restorative to Vinyasa, the choice is yours.  One-off Yoga Sound Baths and seasonal sessions available throughout the year

Yoga Therapy

Group and 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy to overcome anxiety, stress and overwhelm, weaved into our Immersive Mediation, "Yoga Therapy for" series, Lunar Balance and Lunar Restore classes, and yoga & therapy for Fertility.

Pregnancy & Parenthood
Pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing & pelvic balancing and group hypnobirthing classes to help you prepare for childbirth. Mum & Baby Yoga and Postnatal Recovery classes 

Therapy & Coaching

Hypnotherapy, NLP and talking therapy in individual and group coaching sessions to help you overcome trauma, stress and anxiety, and motivate and inspire you forwards

Regular guest classes and therapies including sound baths, reiki, reflexology and more.

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