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121 Yoga & Therapies

From Private Yoga lessons (if you want to focus on your form and breath), to our amazing holistic RESET Yoga Therapy (to completely balance the mind and body, combining breathwork, EFT, meditation, aromatherapy and gentle movement - all bespoke to what you need on the day), to HypnoTherapy & Coaching sessions (to plan for your future, to energise, refresh and motivate you, or to deal with your past - excellent for overcoming trauma, stress, overwhelm, anxiety and low mood) we can help you feel calmer, more grounded and ready for life in all it's glory.

Trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma Resolution, Yin and Restorative Yoga, Heather works with you to overcome the overwhelm of life, with 1-2-1 sessions blending techniques bespoke to you, so you can release the past, thrive and enjoy life again.  Read more about each session below.


Relax & Restore Restorative Yoga is a deeply restful class focussing on recovery and healing, and aligning the breath, body and mind by practicing stillness or gentle movement.  The class holds a few asanas (poses) for a longer duration using props to promote a complete sense of wellbeing, allowing your body and mind time to disconnect.  It is a practice of deep relaxation that emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga—the union of body and mind.

Stretch & Strengthen Yin Yoga is a slower paced yoga practice holding asana's  for a few minutes each time, focussing on your deep connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones.  This practice encourages you to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body, helping you to stretch and lengthen your tissues, promoting mobility and flexibility whilst working with the seasons of the year.

Ostara Moon Yoga class is a gentle, flowing hatha style yoga class which connects you with the phases of the moon to help balance your hormones and provide relaxation and release. It offers deep, gentle yoga asana which honours the moon phases, earth cycles and feminine energy. This class is suitable for any age and ability and warmly welcomes beginners.

Ostara Sun Yoga class is a morning practice to stoke your inner fire and set you up for your day ahead. This class will help you to strengthen and tone. After gently warming the body we will move through variations on sun salutations with a dynamic flow and end with a brief relaxation.

Signature Flow Yoga is a balanced yin/vin flow yoga practice incorporating yin, vinyasa and restorative practices to challenge your mind and body, focussing on building strength and stamina with our dynamic sequences and adaptions to allow you to create a practice specific for you.

Pregnancy & Parenthood

Pregnancy Yoga  a beautiful class to help you keep active during pregnancy, help prepare for the birth and bond with your baby.  This class offers a gentle and safe yoga practice developed especially for pregnant bodies. The yoga postures (asana) are suitable for pregnancy, prepare you for birth and can be further adapted for common pregnancy ailments. More than just a yoga class each session also provides birth education, breathing techniques for birth and deep relaxation to empower you towards a positive birth. All led by a qualified midwife, practicing doula and yoga teacher. These classes also provide a supportive community of like-minded parents to be to share your journey with. Suitable from 14 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy UNPLUGGED Heather's award winning weekly online birth prep classes are here for you on Sunday morning, whilst you rest at home in your jammies.  This wonderful class is designed to help balance your mind, body and baby, and to help your labour be as swift and comfortable as possible.  With hypnobirthing, birth education and movement for a better birth, this class helps you to let go of your anxieties, and build your confidence for the birth room so you can retain your power and control - particularly when baby's positioning slows or stalls your labour - a game changing class for anyone who has heard the term Failure to Progress before!  This class is suitable for any gestation of pregnancy, and you can read more about it and book in here TELL ME MORE...

Hypnobirthing Group classes Heather's Award Winning Hypnobirthing programme will take you and your birth partner from worried to excited during pregnancy and in the birth room.  With a full birth physiology section, tips and tools for during labour, baby positioning techniques and a deep dive into your rights in childbirth, these classes will give you everything you need to make sure you feel amazing about the birth of your baby.  Read more about, and find out the next dates here: TELL ME MORE!  Heather works with all couples, and specialises in working with pregnant people who have a prior experience of trauma or anxiety that they want to let go of before birth.  

Mum & Baby Yoga offers a nurturing class for new parents with breathing techniques to calm the mind, yoga to stretch, strengthen and recharge your energy levels and relaxation to soothe. Each class includes both soothing baby massage and fun yoga suitable for little bodies, offering a special time for you and your baby to bond. Traditional yoga postures (asana) are adapted for a postnatal yoga practice which gently restores and tones the body after birth. All this in our wonderful community, with a chat and a cuppa.  Suitable from 6 weeks postnatal (8-12 weeks post caesarean section depending on your recovery) until baby is mobile.

Postnatal Recovery class uses yoga postures (asana), breath and deep relaxation to bring the body and mind back into alignment post birth. Helps to bring awareness and strength back to your core and relieve stiff shoulders and back muscles, whilst relaxation brings mental clarity and relief. This class uses props to work gently into the deeper muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor, working with the breath we strengthen our bodies and relax our minds. This class is suitable from 6 weeks postnatal (8-12 weeks depending on recovery) with no upper time limit as our bodies are forever postnatal following birth.

Yoga & Wellness Retreats 

Immersive Meditation a deeply restful class that engages your senses to completely transport you to a blissful relaxed environment.  Combining meditation and hypnosis, these sessions help you to truly connect within, giving you greater understanding and a complete sense of stillness and escapism, which stays with you beyond the class.

"Yoga Therapy for" series a group of classes focussing on a specific issue each - stress, anxiety, overwhelm and trauma.  In class you will learn the key causes for the topic, and mind and body therapy techniques to help lighten your load, whilst developing your own movement style and understanding the best postures to lift the symptoms you are experiencing.  All led by our Clinical Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher Heather, the classes will end with building in anchors through hypnosis to keep you feeling your best moving forwards. 

BALANCE Lunar Wellness Retreat a monthly therapeutic wellness retreat following the Full Moon lunar cycle.  This class uses journaling, yoga movement & meditation to help brighten your shadows and emotions, break down any barriers that hold you back, find strength, focus and emotional balance to move forward and restore your mind and body completely. Designed to bring you back into alignment with yourself, release the past or the emotions that keep you feeling trapped, allowing you to reflect and move through things that are no longer serving you and look ahead to what you want to achieve, motivating you for the month ahead as you focus in on your intentions and plant new seeds for your future. This beautiful evening wellness retreat lasts 1.5-2 hours and is suitable for all.

Fertility yoga and therapy based classes coming soon

Therapy & Coaching

Trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Mental Health First Aid and Trauma Resolution, Heather works with clients to overcome the overwhelm of life.  Heather's 1-2-1 sessions will combine a blend of the techniques bespoke to you, working with you to release the past so you can thrive and enjoy life again and can be accessed through individual sessions, or for those who want to commit to change, through her 3 month THRIVE coaching packages.

Heather specialises in Trauma Resolution, and on coaching women and people so that they can really dig deep and refocus their life in a way that aligns them to the future they want.

Getting the right coach and therapist to work with is paramount to your recovery, so Heather holds 15 minute consultations on evenings to find out a little about what's going on, and see whether you are the right fit for each other.  You can book one in our calendar below.