Birth reflect & reset session

Using Hypnosis, NLP and more to help relieve stress and PTSD symptoms

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 125 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

Trauma is such a loaded word, and sometimes you may simply not relate your experience to the word Trauma - because this thing that happened to you is normal - it's not unique to you is it (YES, it is), lots of people go through it don't they (NO, they don't), and they "just get on with it" so you should too, right? WRONG. A trauma, or traumatic event or experience, is an experience which has left behind residual feelings that cause you discomfort mentally or physically, or both. These events or experiences leave behind new neuropathways in our mind that trigger an emotional response or spike when we think about the event, or even when something externally reminds us of it, for example a voice, a smell, a sound, a person or another physical thing. It may make you freeze, completely incapacitate you for a time, or it could simply mean that you have left behind relationships with people you love because you associate them with the trauma. If your trauma is related to childbirth, you may look back at your birth with mixed emotions, anger, resentment, or if it's a feeding trauma then maybe seeing someone feeding their baby pulls up hurtful and sad memories for you. Trauma presents in many ways and forms, and I could list out the key factors that indicates PTSD, but for me they are less of an indicator of trauma than what you think and feel - whether you think or feel you have something you need to resolve. A traumatic event means something different to everyone, but please know that if you are experiencing difficulty in moving forward from an event in your life, if it causes you worry, anxiety, changes your sleeping or eating or socialising habits, if you cry uncontrollably or not at all, if you find yourself closing off from the outside world - any or all of the above could present and that is a traumatic event for you. And the best news is, we can resolve that using the 3 Step Rewind method. We can release those negative feelings and balance your emotions attached to this event easily. With just words. Get in touch to chat about how this session can help you overcome and thrive again.

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